O-women is a positive movement, to further the empowerment of all women worldwide, from all walks of life and ethnicity, to live their full potential, in whatever they choose to do.

ONPASSIVE has many tools and services, to help to enrich lives and provide solutions, for companies, entrepreneurs, individuals, traders and services, across all sectors and walks of life, globally.

As well as innovative digital marketing, webinar and other communication tools, these products will also include O-Cademy - an e-learning online education platform, with a limitless array of subjects and courses, for self development and also to address the worldwide shortage of even basic education.

Also, O-Bless, is a one of a kind platform for all good causes, fund raising and charitable donations.

When it launches to the Public, the sheer size of ONPASSIVE will surely surprise many. This definitive new Total Internet Solution, will be a peaceful, yet powerful force to be reckoned with.

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This is an independent website, created by an active long standing O-Founder, providing Information and Marketing resources for the ONPASSIVE Platform, its Products & Services.

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