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  Big Data

What is Big Data

This is a term and an entire industry, borne about by our ever increasing dependency and use of data in todays digital world.

It describes extremely large, hard-to-manage volumes of data that must be dealt with on a daily basis by businesses, services and authorities etc.

This type of Data is so large, fast and complex,  it is extremely difficult and almost impossible to process using traditional methods

Big data can be used to gain various insights, study trends and enable various decisions to be made within the public and commercial sectors

Big Data volume is so huge, it is measured not in Gigabytes, or Terabytes, but in Petabytes and Exabytes. 

A single EB could hold the entire Library of Congress 3,000 times over...

The data is created from a variety of ever increasing sources, including online financial and other transactions, Social media, Transport systems, Vehicle networking, such as V2X, smart devices, Internet of Things (ioT) industrial equipment, video sharing,  streaming, image hosting and much more.

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