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OConnect - by ONPASSIVE
High Definition Video Conferencing / Webinar Platform

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OConnect is the AI powered Video Conferencing Software platform - Get a new refreshing view of Online meetings and Webinars.

ONPASSIVE has developed state of the art Video conferencing software, that employs Artificial Intelligence, to enable the highest quality Webinar and other online Video meetings, ensuring unmatched clarity and quality, to every virtual connection that you make.

O-connect Webinar Platform

eyes Be a part of the huge growth of Videoconferencing, by becoming an ONPASSIVE affiliate. Introduce the OConnect platform to your network and grow your income.

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OConnect features include:

  • Highly detailed dashboard
  • Easily manage and track video meeting activities.
  • Unlimited meeting participants
  • Unlimited meeting time
  • Schedule Events
  • Dual-screen share
  • External link integration
  • Easy invites and others
  • Auto language Translation
  • Automated speech-to-text service
  • Direct Links to Youtube
  • Send invite by email address
  • Integrated Links to external URL
  • Attractive Chat Emojis 


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A few quick Facts about videoconferencing:

Video conferencing actually took off in 2010, in a day to day social setting, rather than for business use, with the Smartphone, namely the Apple iPhone 4 and a now very well known app called FaceTime. This enabled a two way video meeting to be created instantly, decided by both parties, whilst chatting on a simple voice call.

In 2022 the global Videoconferencing was estimated to be worth around $10.6 billion. It is expected to grow by almost another 10 Billion to be worth almost $19.5 billion by the end of 2027. Few things in business today ever grow at this rate, which represents more than 12% in one year.

The future trend of video conferencing
Video Conferencing Platforms now have many advanced features beyond basic online meeting functionality. These include Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Gaming integration, Notes and Personal Assistant functions and various other enhancements made possible by Artificial Intelligence.

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