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About Me

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Here's just a quick overview, so that you can see how ONPASSIVE fits in with what I do and why I joined this movement.

My name is Gaz, based in the UK and I have been an active ONPASSIVE Founder member since September 2019

I am also an Electrical / Electronics engineer, engaged in the manufacturing industry for over 40 years and have worked in my most recent position for the last 16 years, as a Key account manager, for a Global electronic component & module manufacturer.

I look after various technical, commercial and logistical requirements, with a manufacturing customer base engaged in a wide array of disruptive and other Technologies, within various industry sectors.

These include: Wearable electronics, Electric vehicles, Driverless technology, Robotics, Drones, 3D printers, Computing, Telecom's, Datacom's, Industrial Automation, Smart Energy management, Healthcare, Lighting and various other physical products.

During the above time, I have always kept related outside interests, including website building, CSS, HTML coding and also worked intensively with Information Technology, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency.

Alongside this, I have also engaged in a varied combination of Online & Offline marketing and advertising.

I also write short articles, to give bite size information for those interested about new and emerging technologies, across many different industries:
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I am particularly interested in seeing how Technology and innovation can shape and benefit people from all walks of life, from around the world, reducing poverty and hunger, improving education, creating equal opportunities, improved living standards and a better future.

The entire Ethos of ONPASSIVE, through it's Products, Tools, Services & Foundership, aims to address all of these things.

Therefore, this combination of product technology and it's benefits to everyday people, makes ONPASSIVE the perfect fit for my interests, beliefs and goals.

Turbocharge your Life & help others to do the same.

visit the Official ONPASSIVE website >>> and get the very latest up to date corporate information.

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