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O cademy

ONPASSIVE will soon be launching O-Cademy, a unique AI driven remote e-learning platform. This powerful education community will have something for everyone, from all walks of life, who wish to learn more about anything that they choose to do.

Courses will be diverse, for all ages and levels of ability, from various categories, including, but not limited to, Literature, Maths, Music, Construction, Languages, Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Arts & Crafts, Sports, Business, Finance, Religion, Humanities, Sciences, Nature, Poetry, Childcare, Electric Vehicles, Transportation, Electronics, Politics and the list goes on. 

All subjects will be covered and there will be many variations of courses within each category, meaning that this ONPASSIVE E-Learning platform will rapidly expand.

When O-Cademy launches we will be featuring the full details on this page.

Please contact me here if you want to stay in touch about this


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