Video Conferencing - Some key Benefits for business

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An unforseen change of working...

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have all had to adapt in our working lives to some degree or other. Perhaps one of the largest changes for many, has been in the change of our workplace, from our normal company based office to a new home office or other dedicated work area.

Online Video meetings, Conferences and Webinars have now become the norm and have replaced many traditional face to face meetings. This necessity of people not meeting, due to risk of infection, has since moved on and has now caused a realisation to many companies, that time and money can be saved and efficiency and productivity can be increased from remote working...

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... below, we have identified a few key areas of how Video Conferencing is constantly developing, to help our business efficiency and work / life balance.

Powerful, Effective Communication

Communication is key in every aspect of business. A Picture tells a thousand words – An old adage but True. Therefore, a moving picture may indeed tell many more words. The human brain process images more than 60,000 times faster than written text.

Plus, it is a proven fact that a humans visual recognition memory, is far greater than their audible memory, leaving little doubt about the effectiveness of video on the human brain, regarding the retention of facts and information from an online meeting.

Relationship Building

Video conferencing can help to build useful and meaningful relationships in business and online meetings are often structured such, that both parties always know exactly where they are with the other. This grounding can also be a solid pre -cursor leading to valuable face to face meetings, which can be essential to achieve certain types of objectives and transactions.


Businesses can also significantly reduce costs with Videoconferencing. Savings are made with building, maintenance, electricity and heating costs, but also significantly with zero travel and potential overnight hotel accommodation costs. Another key saving which cannot always be measured accurately is peoples time in traveling.

Team efficiency

Employees can effectively co-ordinate projects and tasks, whatever the discipline, be it, Sales, Engineering, Accounts, IT, Quality, in fact, any discipline, on a regular basis or at a  moments notice. This collaboration and engagement promotes and drives efficiency, growth and improves productivity

Information sharing

Most Platforms enable online meeting participants to easily share documents in real time on screen during the meeting. But also, many Video Conferencing platforms enable seamless cloud-based file-sharing and integration for all delegates to access.

Increased call rate

We all know, especially those of us in sales, how difficult it can be to make that all important sales appointment. Many people still have weekly or monthly call rate quotas to meet. Video conferences can sometimes make it more difficult for the buyer to say no, as he or she who claims they have not got the time to see you for a perceived lengthy meeting, may well agree to ten or fifteen minutes online.

Accurate Meeting Records

Face to face meetings are great and I have attended thousands over the last few decades, but making sure you remember and record all the details that are discussed, accurately, can be a challenge. Most Videoconferencing platforms will allow you to record meetings, to prevent any doubts, allowing you to share with others afterwards. Also, some AI enabled platforms are now capable of producing full transcriptions of the meeting.


Staff can easily access company training sessions from their home or remote location via video conferencing. This also enables them to learn and interact with other work colleagues, using various virtual tools. Training videos can also be created, playing to the fact that 75% of employees are more likely to watch a video than absorb any written matter.

Live Events

Similar to Youtube, Companies can now easily broadcast live events to their existing and potential new customers on their own company domain. These can be to launch a new product, update an existing one, let customers or dealers know about any changes or offers and any other events. These can have interaction and live chat features with the audience.

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