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ONPASSIVE is a clean, fresh innovative company, that's driving ethical personal & business growth globally, through AI technology.

This company was formed to develop powerful, automated digital IT products, to enable all businesses and individuals to easily harness and efficiently engage with new technologies and revenue streams.

But, there will be far more to come from ONPASSIVE, that will positively enhance people's lives in many different ways, more than anyone may realise at this point.

Use the ever growing range of ONPASSIVE AI powered SaaS products & tools, to automate your Business or Enterprise.


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You can then access the Free tools within the ONPASSIVE ecosystem

including O-mail, the ground-breaking fully featured, unlimited storage E-mail / Webmail platform.

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Not sure about Technology? What does HRM stand for? Or E-Learning? VPN?

Look out for Quick Facts - A knowledge base of bitesize information pages to quickly guide you on the latest technologies, the names and what they mean for us. 

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ONPASSIVE is set to be a Unicorn Company very quickly and will be a key player in the field of Artificial Intelligence powered Information Technology.

This ONPASSIVE business has been designed and implemented from the ground up, creating digital products and tools, to enable the success of ALL online businesses.

This means businesses, large and small, for the single trader, the Entrepreneur, the work at home Mum & Dad, the Charity, the Football team, or the small Café through to the Corporate blue chip enterprise.

Online success is now available to all organisations through ONPASSIVE, regardless of size of and no longer just reserved for those with unlimited marketing budgets.

The company is a fully registered corporation, developed by Ash Mufareh, an MIT graduate and an experienced online professional, with a solid grounding in Digital marketing and Information Technology.

ONPASSIVE is now appearing in many countries, with the corporate HQ in the USA and India being the powerhouse for the creation and development of the ever increasing range of AI powered Digital products.

Recently other ONPASSIVE offices were opened in the UAE, including in one of the highest offices in the world, at the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

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What we have 

A growing range of proprietary online based tools and services. Each one of these is built on a unique concept, to address the various requirements demanded by the digital marketplace.

Each ONPASSIVE product is expected to become a complete platform in it’s own right and will be developed as a separate business model, within the entire platform structure, also known as the Ecosystem.

An example of this would be the Webinar Software - O-Connect. This is expected to operate in the huge growing online Video Conferencing arena, enhanced by the current climate created by the Pandemic.

The Webinar market sector is currently dominated by Zoom, Microsoft Teams and AnyMeeting etc. O-Connect has therefore been created, with many leading edge enhancements, including SMS, MMS, Language translation and many other functions.

These advanced features will firmly place ONPASSIVE within this sector and address the ever growing requirements of millions of users, looking for effective and affordable, remote online meeting solutions. 

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The ONPASSIVE Products

There are various ONPASSIVE "O" products, including:

O-Connect, a ground-breaking Webinar Platform

O-Cademy, an Education Online e-learning Academy

O-Staff, a Total HR / Staff Management solution

O-Counting, an Accountants software App

O-Net, A Social Media platform

O-Wallet - A Digital Wallet solution for everyone

Plus, easy Website builders, Domain name providers and also hosting

Powerful Webmail / E-Mail solution, plus Autoresponders, ROI tools to track ad campaigns

Contact Management, IP tracking, URL trimming services

Many more in development

The Current ONPASSIVE Products & Tools list is here

Not forgetting our Crowd Funding platform for business or charity, O-Bless  arriving soon...

This huge array of leading edge Information technology Platforms and Suites, will surely help towards the success of any company with an online or an offline presence. 

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Customer engagement

ONPASSIVE Founders and Subscribers will enjoy visitors to their business, private or other websites, due to the companies ability to attract and drive traffic to its customers websites.

AI technology will be used as a key tool to deliver these website visitors.

So, anybody who promotes any products and services online will be able to access the ONPASSIVE top of the range, fully featured, High tech, AI powered products services and tools, to help to get the relevant eyes on their business pages and help to ensure their success.


More about ONPASSIVE & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ONPASSIVE aims to use Artificial intelligence across many of its products and tools, wherever possible or appropriate.

A team of the best research engineers and data Scientists from around the world continuously focus on developing innovative solutions that businesses and individuals need, in all areas, from all walks of life.

ONPASSIVE create the core technology and innovative features in its products and platforms that enable autonomous digital solutions for a streamlined workplace and an enhanced personal experience.

AI across all business
AI sectors

AI is needed in todays businesses, to ensure functionality, efficiency, productivity, profitability, competitiveness and success. ONPASSIVE works relentlessly to ensure that AI technology will always be accessible to all businesses, large and small. Corporate, Bluechip or sole trader, home worker.

AI has made a significant difference to many peoples lives in the development of the Retail sector, Gaming, Transportation and Automotive, Manufacturing techniques and Supply chain management, Telecommunications, Lifesciences, Medical and other Healthcare related industries

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ONPASSIVE AI Solutions Powering Profitability & Growth
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ONPASSIVE builds AI powered products, with a total understanding of how a business needs to operate and what is required to enhance & make it grow.

The proven built in functionalities of the ONPASSIVE products and Tools then get to work and start to help to accelerate your path to success.

ONPASSIVE’s AI Platforms will add a layer, or many layers of intelligence to existing business models, giving deep insights into the processes and systems, offering predictive analysis and ensuring effectiveness across all business strategy.

This enables businesses and organizations to be far more efficient, giving better client response and service, better planning of their workloads, simplifying their manufacturing, marketing and creative processes and managing their employees far more effectively,

ONPASSIVE Artificial intelligence solutions will work with existing frameworks and will transform SAAS and the way in which we collaborate with machines, ensuring that data-driven decision-making is built into every aspect of your business.

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