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We are undergoing rapid change in the ongoing transition to a more Digital World, even quicker than was thought possible just a few years ago.

I am in favour of all positive developments within Digital Technology that are designed to make our Lives easier, our Workplace more effective, to help us to retire earlier, to live longer and to help look after those that are less fortunate than us, in any way.

But one thing I do hope for, is that we do not let Technology call all the shots. Artificial Intelligence is just that - Artificial. It must always be a servant to us.

The Metaverse can never be real, just an escape. People will always need a real roof over their heads and to eat real food and to  drink clean water.

Let us keep our humanity and always decide how far we should or should not go with Technology.

Real people must always hold the real decisions in life and always look out for others.

facilitates your own power to help someone to thrive, to survive or just to smile.

Use the O-Bless platform to cultivate brilliant ideas and help bring about a shift in commercial, moral and social values.

Use the best AI powered online tools to reach your goals and those of the people that you are trying to help.

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