O-Capture - Image & Video Capture Recording Software

O-Capture, the fully featured capture tool, by ONPASSIVE, powered by AI.

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Unlimited Screen Capture of anything, anytime

O-Capture is a screen capture tool, with a difference. If you just want a basic screenshot of what you are looking at, then this is easy to do on any smartphone or Laptop. But Ocapture has many more features built in, that enable you to capture, store and present the highest quality content.

With the built in edit tools and hundreds of stamps to choose from, your captures can be ready to view within minutes. You can even record live streamed online events in the high quality audio and video and add your own special-effects, filters, subtitles, captions and images.

Plus, add a voice over to your video or include any background music. Lengthen or shorten it as you choose.

O-Capture features include:

 Capture screens
 Record Videos
 Stream  videos
 Record webinars / video conferences
 Live video capture
 Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)
 Saves almost any media content
 Built in Editor
 Works from any platform

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