Rumble - Video Hosting Platform


I was recently made aware of a new online video platform, with a declared mission to protect a free and open internet.

Rumble is a web hosting and cloud services business with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario and a U.S. base in Florida.

Youtube is great for most people, but it is a massive entity and getting noticed here, especially for a newcomer, is not easy.

Rumble is new, but growing rapidly. The company recorded over 80 Million users a month in 2022 and is listed on the NASDAQ

I think this is a great time to get started and get your channel content noticed, at this still relatively early stage of its journey.

Can I still Monetize my content?

Yes, you can earn with your videos on Rumble and here is the key difference and incentive:

  • Youtube requires your channel to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 minutes of watch time before it will start to pay you.
  • Rumble does not have any such restriction or pre-requisite and allows for immediate monetization of your content.

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