Onpassive Mega Product Launch

Onpassive has now commenced release of its range of AI powered Information Technology Products, Tools and Services to the public. These include the life changing O-Cademy Education & Learning platform and O-Connect, the ground breaking Video conferencing Webinar platform.

Below is a quick summary of some products, with more to follow.

Soon, (after full launch) you will be able to take a 7 day Free trial of all of these:

O-cademyO-Cademy - a wide ranging e-learning platform - ( Learn More .....)

The first Onpassive product to be launched, for students of all abilities to further their knowledge.

Soon to be followed by.....

O-blessO-Bless creates a platform for Crowd funding for businesses, projects and good causes

O-Capture enables you to capture any images and videos online and edit them with advanced features.

O ccounting
O-Counting helps you to manage your business accounts and inventory using Artificial Intelligence.

O-chatO-chat is the smart bot, that will engage with your customers on your website and understand their needs.

O-connectO-Connect is a fully featured Webinar Video Conferencing Platform, enabling High definition engagement.

O-createO-Create uses the Power of AI to help you to build a fully featured, high quality, professional website.

Become an Onpassive Founder and have unlimited access to all of these tools upon launch


 O-Dit is the next generation editing tool to help you edit and create great images, logos, videos, Gifs, posters etc

O-domainO-Domain is a Domain name provider and secure Hosting service for your web site project

O-leadO-Lead is an AI powered tool tool to help you manage your marketing campaigns and analytics

O-mailO-Mail is Smart email application with leading edge features, organisation tools and unlimited storage

O-netO-Net is an AI powered social network for business & pleasure that you shape to suit yourself

O-peerO-Peer enhances the secure flow of Office and business communications and helps to automate complex processes.

O-postO-Post offers high end, fully featured Email marketing Software for individual marketers and B2B professionals

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O-shopO-Shop helps you to affordably deliver your brand, with great quality products and customer service

O-Staff enables you to affordably organise your Company HR processes, regardless of the size of your workforce

O-trackerO-Tracker enables you to do a detailed track of your site visitors IP addresses, as part of your ethical marketing campaigns
 O-trimO-Trim enables you to shorten, customize and track any unwanted, unmemorable, long tailed and complex URL

O-virtualO-Virtual lets you create a VPN and secure your own Network, wherever in the world you happen to be

O-walletO-Wallet is a multi currency digital wallet, with a facial recognition security feature to help prevent fraudulent use.

More to follow soon...

➣ Become an Onpassive Founder and have unlimited access to all of these tools upon launch


When Onpassive fully Launches, you will be able to gain a fully functional 7 day free Trial of all products, Tools and Services

Or you can become an Onpassive Founder Today 

If you become a Founder member of Onpassive, then following full launch, as long as you remain a founder, you will be able to gain permanent access to all of Onpassive's products, Tools & Services.