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ONPASSIVE will soon be releasing its range of AI powered Information Technology Products, Applications, Tools, Platforms and Services to the public. These include a fully featured email service called omail, also O-Cademy, a life changing  Education & Learning platform and O-Connect, the ground breaking Video conferencing Webinar platform.


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Below is a quick summary of some products, with more information to follow.

O-cademye-learning Education platform

O-Cademy by ONPASSIVE, is for students of all abilities to further their knowledge. As a result of the Pandemic, access to education is now more important than ever, due to the inability of students to mix together in classroom and lecture theatre environments
 Learn More about O-Cademy here

Fundraising & Crowdfunding

O-Bless creates a platform for giving and Crowd funding for businesses, projects and for good causes to help those in need.
Learn More about O-Bless Here

Image & Video Editor

O-Capture is software which enables the user to capture any images and videos online and then edit these by using advanced features. 
 Learn more about O-Capture here

O ccounting  
Accounting / Financial Software

O-Counting will help any business, large of small, to simply and effectively manage their accounts and inventory, using a fully featured platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence. 
 Learn more about O-counting here

Customizable Chat Bot Assistant

O-chat is the smart bot, that will engage with your customers on your website and understand their needs and will have the ability, if and when necessary, to be able to pass on any queries that it cannot solve to a human being to process. 
 Learn more about O-Chat here

Video Conferencing Software

O-Connect is a fully featured AI powered Webinar / Video Conferencing Platform, enabling High definition engagement. This software will be be able to integrate with various other ONPASSIVE products and tools.
 More about O-Connect by ONPASSIVE

 O-CommerceOnline Store / Web Shop Builder

O-Commerce is a new SaaS platform that enables you to build a powerful online e-commerce web shop in just a few clicks.
 More about O-Commerce by ONPASSIVE

O-createWebsite Builder - Multi featured

O-Create uses the Power of AI to help you to build a fully featured, high quality, professional website. 
 Learn more about O-Create here

Image & Video Editor

O-Dit is the next generation editing tool to help you edit and create great images, logos, videos, Gifs, posters etc 
 Learn more about O-Dit here

Domain Name registry & Hosting

O-Domain is both a Domain name provider and also a secure Hosting service for any web site Project, Business or Pleasure.
 Learn more about O-Domain here

O-Desk CRM Platform

O-Desk - Is an AI powered CRM app to help you manage your Customers, Prospects, Marketing campaigns, Leads & Analytics 
 Learn more about O-Desk here

O-HireO-Hire - A highly advanced & effective Tool for both Jobseekers and employers / recruiters
 Learn more about O-Hire here

O-mailPowerful Email & Webmail solution

O-Mail is a Smart email application with leading edge features, organisation tools and unlimited storage 
 Learn more about O-mail here

O-MartO-Mart Enables a secure, multi-featured buying and selling platform, for all B2B & B2C.
Learn more about O-Mart here

O-net Social Media with Respect

O-Net is an AI powered social network for business & pleasure that you shape to suit yourself 
 Learn more about O-Net here

Bulk Email Marketing

O-Post offers high end, fully featured Email marketing Software for individual marketers and B2B professionals
 Learn more about O-Post here

High Quality Merchandise

O-Shop helps you to affordably deliver your brand, with great quality products and customer service

HRM Staff Management Platform

O-Staff enables you to affordably organise your Company HR processes, regardless of the size of your workforce 
 Learn more about O-Staff here

O-staffO-Peer is a Platform to enable highly effective Peer to per communications in the workplace 
 Learn more about O-Peer here

O-trackerUnlimited IP Tracker

O-Tracker enables you to do a detailed track of your site visitors IP addresses, as part of your ethical marketing campaigns. 
 View more O-Tracker information here

O-trimURL Trimmer

O-Trim enables you to shorten, customize and track any unwanted, unmemorable, long tailed and complex URL 
 Learn more about O-Trim here

Virtual Private Network Software

O-Virtual lets you create a VPN and secure your own Network, wherever in the world you happen to be.
 Learn More about O-Virtual Here

Digital E-Wallet

O-Wallet is a multi currency digital wallet, with a facial recognition security feature to help prevent fraudulent use. 
 Learn more about O-Wallet here

More to follow soon...



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