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Did you know, that as well as being a user of the great digital products & tools of the ONPASSIVE ecosystem (OES), you can also become an Affiliate / Reseller?

In simple terms, you can earn commissions, when you promote and sell the range of ONPASSIVE products and services to others....

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First things first - If not already, you need to register with the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem and create your Omail Email address. The Omail address then becomes your OES ID, for as long as you remain a part of ONPASSIVE.

Registering with the OES is completely free of charge and takes less than two minutes, plus you will then also get access to three free products, Omail as mentioned, Otrim and Onet.

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Omail is a Spam Free unlimited web based email service, Onet is a developing social Media platform and OTrim is a URL shortener, that offers so much more, including link tracking, to help with any business marketing, be it large or small.

Once you join, have a look around the back office and get familiar with the products & Services - See what is coming and you will soon realise that ONPASSIVE is huge.

Many do not realise the magnitude of this enterprise. You may have heard people saying about ONPASSIVE being “The Future of Internet” and this is why.

Moving forward, you can then decide if you want to become an affiliate, or just stay in the OES and enjoy the free products, as many people will.

But if you do want to get more involved and want to do some degree of promoting, you will be engaging with the widest range of Advanced technology, AI powered Digital products & tools that the online community is ever likely to see.

It is hard to imagine that an opportunity like this, to become an affiliate for such a company as ONPASSIVE would happen much in a lifetime... Time will tell, but much quicker than we think, so watch the news.

square arrow forward Leading Edge Products

Did you know? The global market size of video conferencing was estimated to be around 7 billion USD in 2022. But, projections are that it will grow to more than 22 Billion by 2032. Imagine if you could be a part of that? 

Well, now you can - You can be a reseller of the flagship ONPASSIVE Videoconferencing product, OConnect. This AI powered platform has a wide array of advanced features that today’s global Online Video meeting industry both needs and demands.

OConnect is set to be up there, along the other great names of Video conferencing & Webinar software.

There are also many more products and services to come, including Gaming, E-Learning, Website creation, Domain Hosting, Email Marketing, IP Tracking, Verification, Security and even Crowd Funding, all of which are commissionable.

square arrow forward How it Works

Know that ONPASSIVE is a pure, clean, straightforward business, that is here to stay. No smoke and mirrors, no nonsense

As an affiliate reseller, you can sell any available ONPASSIVE product now, or in the future, using your personal links provided in your own back office and you then earn a commission. It is as simple as that.

square arrow forward Requirements

You can be a seasoned professional looking for a replacement business, an occasional affiliate marketer, or just someone without experience, looking for an additional income.

Either way, the main requirements needed are a clean and ethical approach, an interest in the products & services and a desire to help others.

Very importantly, to be able to sell and earn commission from any ONPASSIVE product, you must first buy it and own it yourself. No hardship there, as the very products themselves that you are buying, can then be used to support and promote your ONPASSIVE business.

This makes for a truly unique and self sustaining business.

square arrow forward Support

If you join the OES with me and do want to become an Affiliate reseller, let me know and I will be pleased to answer any questions for you and offer my support in any way possible.

I can also help you with certain additional promotional material, including customized images and will even create you a short personalized, Call to Action video clip, to help you to build your business.

Take a look at a few of my short videos and clips here on my ONPASSIVE video page

square arrow forward Getting Started

In your OES Back office, at the top of the page, you will see a button that says, “Become an Affiliate” Just click this and you will then be presented with an Affiliate non disclosure and confidentiality agreement. You will just need to accept the terms and sign the on screen box.

You are then ready to go and can immediately access your personal links which will appear after signing.

Please contact me if you want to arrange a chat with me first, or have any questions about becoming an ONPASSIVE affiliate reseller, or if I can help in any other way. I am always keen to talk with like minded people.

We sometimes hear a saying that a product "sells itself", that is very often misguided.

But this saying is never truer than with ONPASSIVE – It is never a hard sell. 

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