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Air Landline

 picking up phone

AIR LANDLINE will forward calls from your new landline number to any smart phone / mobile.

This Landline phone service is quick & easy to set up and your new Landline number can be local or National

AirLandline will give your customers an automated professional announcement listing of customer options...

Such as: Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support etc.

You can then decide to answer any, or none of these options yourself.

Or you can forward them yet again to another mobile, for example to get someone else, a friend or colleague to deal with technical support if you wish. 

Or if a customer, for example, presses 3 for your office hours, you can then send then automatically to a recording that you have made of your working hours. Or you can give them an out of hours or emergency alternative number to dial.

This is all a seamless process - The customer that is phoning you will not know, or be delayed in any way. This is a fantastic low cost, fully featured service that can transform any small or "one person" business into a professional organisation.

Air Landline is perfect for any active ONPASSIVE Founder, or any other similar Entrepreneur or business

Trustpilot rated excellent

Remember customers like to see a landline number - It instils trust from the outset.

Free 7 day trial - No contracts
  Then 9.99 GBP per Month
  Cancel anytime for free
  No long-term contracts
  30-day money-back guarantee

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