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Some quick facts about Webinar technology:

Webinar - An acronym for “web” and “seminar”.

These are virtual events for an online audience.

Webinars enable deep audience interaction and engagement

Sometimes called web events, online seminars or Video Conferences.

Webinars are interactive for the attendees.

Depending on the Software and resource, Webinars can have an unlimited online audience reach, like television.

Anyone can access a webinar, using various devices, such as a desktop or laptop PC, tablet or smartphone, using the available built in audio and video of these devices.

Various other files can also be displayed and shared during the webinar, including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, static images, etc.

On the side chat sessions and polling / question and answer functions can be enabled.

Screen capture functionality can be enabled.

Webinars can be recorded and shared after the event.

They can be private or public.

Attendees can be given access to control some or part of the conference, to contribute or give a presentation.

There are a number of Webinar providers, including ONPASSIVE, who have developed O-Connect. This is a high definition unlimited attendee capability platform, that is powered by AI Technology

Visit >>> oconnect.info
for further information