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O-Commerce is the new SaaS e-commerce platform, enabling all business owners, large and small to quickly and easily build a smart powerful Online store.

This AI powered platform has a simple, but effective user interface, to help to automate your online shopping channel with ease and grow your business.

O-Commerce lets you use ready-made templates, or you can customize your own look and feel to suit your own website theme. The store pages created are fully responsive across all devices and search engine-friendly and fully optimised.

It takes just a few simple steps to get up and running with your E-Commerce web shop.

Easily write your product descriptions, preview the live products listed, analyse products sold, modify the product pricing, adjust the quantity, view reports of all activities, profitability, inventory and more.

The O-Commerce platform also features a fully customizable payment gateway, with all popular payment methods available and in multi currencies.

Key Features of O-Commerce include:

  AI-based interface

  Product Suggestions

  Customer Management

  Full Website Integration



  Subscription models

Click > to see O-Commerce on the ONPASSIVE Website



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