ONPASSIVE launches O-Trim, URL trimming taken to the next level .....


O-Trim is a feature rich tool, that has been developed to give you so much more than just a shortened URL.

Yes, with O-Trim, you can reduce the number of characters in a URL to make it look better and more importantly to function better, by not getting accidentally broken up during the text editing or data transmission process. You can then be sure of your desired users, clicking on and opening your intended destination web page or social media site.

But with O-Trim, you can also track a URL that has been created by a registered user.

You can also track that users location.

You can even add an alias name to identify the very URL you have already trimmed, effectively trimming even further and then using a memorable name or word. This goes beyond any previous URL trimmer that has been seen before.

OTrim also provides an additional level of security to the entire process, by sending an authentication email, to enable you to share this with your chosen user(s)

โžฃ Visit the ONPASSIVE website to find out more about O-Trim

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