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O-Verify for KYC

ONPASSIVE will soon be launching the O-Verify KYC Software

This is an AI powered platform, to enable precise and accurate KYC verification of a customer or subscriber, when required legally for financial services.

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About KYC

In most countries, Banks and other financial service providers, have a duty to ensure that their clients are genuine and are who they claim to be. AI technology is increasingly being deployed to acheive this.

A system known as KYC was therefore introduced. KYC means Know Your Customer. A KYC process is designed to verify and identify the account holder during the account opening process and continues to do this throughout the life of the operational account.

The KYC requirements will have some differences from Country to country and todays verification systems need to be able to automatically handle these changing requirements.

ONPASSIVE O Verify has these and various other powerful features features built in, along with scalability, to cater for all businesses.

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