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Many of us have visited websites and then been offered help whilst browsing a page by a pop up chat service. This can either be a real person, or increasingly, a virtual person or a bot. Sometimes these services are so effective, that we cannot always tell if we are speaking with a real person or a robot.


information.jpgWhat is Chatbot Software?
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O-Chat is a fully automated service tool that offers a complete service, with a seamless platform to interact with and effectively address the questions from your website visitors and existing or potential customers.

You can be totally confident that the O-Chatbot will fully act as your first line of intelligent conversation with your valued customers and patrons.

OChat has a built in self-learning algorithm, which understands and identifies the meaning of the enquiring party and will respond in an intelligent and engaging manner accordingly.

To give further confidence, especially whilst in its early stage learning mode, If at any point the bot fails to understand any part of the enquiry sufficiently, it will then immediately escalate this concern to a real human being in your customer service team.

A huge feature of this high technology engagement platform, is that based on keywords from the chat, it has the ability to then quickly recognise a customer and then develop a deeper, more empathetic session. It can then pull further customer information from the stored data, for example your CRM system. It can also refer to previous chat sessions and the outcomes, including any purchases made, quotes raised, complaints made, or other actions, etc.

As O-Chat is powered by Artificial Intelligence, it is not surprising that it can also go quite a long way towards recognizing a customers emotions and once again, if necessary it can flag any deep concerns to a human support, to handle accordingly.

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O-Chat includes the following features: 

 Adds conversational maturity

 Integrates with records and CRM systems


 Emotionally Intelligent

 Autonomous Reasoning

 Free to Explore

 Auto-Trains and learns

 Flags serious concerns to a Human being

 Powered by AI

➣ Visit the ONPASSIVE website to find out more about O-Chat


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