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What is a chatbot and how does it work?

You may have already seen a chatbot or been in contact with one. These "bots" are a smart piece of software, that can simulate the place of a live human being. They can then engage in conversation or "chat",  using either a text format or more increasingly, a synthesized human voice. Many Chatbots are also able to hear and understand a voice command or question from a real human being.

Chatbots can be used within Business to Consumer and Business to Business environments. They are especially useful in helping potential customers, who may have presale questions before making a purchase on an e-commerce enabled website.

Chatbot programs are able to understand and undertake far more complex tasks than when they were first launched, which has been facilitated by the use of Artificial Intelligence.

They also have the ability to retain a customers interest, even when the level of enquiry is beyond their comprehension. Because at that point, they will flag for help from a real human being, who can then continue with the live enquiry.

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