Content creation and management using Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, can help to write articles and get them in the right place for you. It's not necessarily the case that AI is better at writing and organizing. But it may prove to be more consistent and it will certainly be quicker and therefore free up our precious time so that we can do something else that we may rather be doing.

AI for Generating and Creation of Content

ai content creationThis catches many people out, but Artificial Intelligence can already create high quality readable content. This includes, but is not limited to, news reports and you may already have read articles by the likes of Reuters or the New York Times etc., that had some or all of their content generated by AI. Some of the tools that do this include: Heliograf, Quill, Aticoolo, and Wordsmith.

At present much of the technology is template based, but when set up correctly, it looks and reads professionally and it does save huge amounts of time. There are and will be many more applications for web page article creation in the future.
The benefit for you, is that you spend less time writing lots of articles and more time running your business successfully.

AI for effective Content Curation
ai content curation

As well as generating articles, AI can also make sure that the right articles get under the nose of the right people at the right time.

We have all been reminded with a well-placed message whilst searching on Amazon for say, a nice bottle of Shiraz from California, that we may also like this one from Chile, or that one from Australia. Or people who read "this" book, also went on to buy "that" book. Or maybe on Netflix, you may see a suggestion pop up after you have viewed a movie, to remind you that viewers who saw say Rocky 7, may also like Rocky 8 - (Sorry, not sure how many Rocky's there were, but you get the concept).

Well placed content placement will make your audience feel more comfortable, will help to create trust with your brand and can only increase your click throughs and therefore your product and service sales.

We will be including further uses of Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing in the future.

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