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What is Bulk Email Software?

Bulk email is a term used for sending email to a large group of recipients, usually in one session.

These types of emails are usually sent as part of marketing campaigns, to promote products or services and are usually product news, updates, newsletters, coupons, offers, invitations etc.

Alternatively, the mails could be for company announcements and awareness from employers to employees, or for sending updates, news and developments to members of a club, society or charity etc.

To be compliant in most countries, these types of mails should only be sent to recipients who have agreed, signed up, or opted in to receive such messages, from the company who are promoting their goods or services.

Otherwise the mails that they send and that we receive without asking for them, are of course known to us all as spam. Nobody wants that and we all tire of it.

To send mass bulk email, you just need a list of opted-in subscribers and a suitable email marketing software platform.

You will of course want to make your campaign as effective as possible, with great content, well designed, attractive, well timed accurate delivery. There are quite a few platforms out there, but make sure you find one with the right tools for the job in hand, such as:

  • Templates - Attractive mobile-responsive email templates that look good on all devices
  • Email Builder - Ideally using a One click Drag-and-drop type construction
  • Spam checkers - To ensure your recipients will see your messages in their inbox
  • Schedulers - To ensure the best time to reach your recipients in their time zone
  • Trackers - To see who is active and reading your mails and who is not.
  • Analytics - To help you to better plan and shape your marketing campaigns

Here are a few well know email sending software providers:


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