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Toilet based power Generator

A new method of turning sewage into power - Turd Based technology :-)

Toilet humour apart, this is actually a true article and just goes to show how far we have come with recycling at its very basic level.

According to Reuters, a researcher at a university in South Korea has devised a toilet that turns human waste into power. As a bonus incentive, each use of this "Green loo" rewards, the donator with a small amount of digital currency that they can then trade in towards a coffee or noodles etc at the campus restaurant.

Immediately after use, the toilet first pumps the excrement into an underground tank. This already means a huge saving, as it uses much less water than the overkill flushing of a traditional toilet. Following this, Micro organisms then quickly start to break down the human waste, into a high quality methane gas, a usable source of energy.

This process turns the average daily amount of individual human waste, of around one pound weight, into about 50 litres of methane gas. That is enough to generate roughly half a kilowatt hour of electricity. To put this into real world context, it is enough to drive an electric vehicle for up to three quarters of a mile. Plus the huge water saving.

inventor of the BeeVi Toilet, Cho Jae-weon, an urban and environmental engineering professor at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), told Reuters. "I have put this value into ecological circulation."

It even has its own cryptocurrency, called Ggool, or "honey" in Korean. Each toilet use of the number 2 variety, will earn you a small amount of Ggool, to spend in the Campus, towards food, books, and other related supplies.

The use of Crypto even means that the toilet is on the Block"chain" . (for people of a certain age...)

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