information About 5G - Overview

What is 5G? How will it change our lives? - A quick overview.

Nowadays, the speeds that consumers demand of the various devices that they use and the speeds that these devices can work at, are actually much faster than the existing data speed technology can support. Consumers now demand hyper-connectivity.

The data requirement of our modern world, along with Smart cities and transport networks, with millions of IoT enabled products and apps, rapidly growing, all require huge quantities of data at previously unheard of Bit rates. 4G networks are simply no longer fast enough.

5G is the fifth generation of the technologies and standards of wireless communication. It will be used by mobile devices, to connect to the Internet anywhere.

It will transform many of todays Smart devices, to be used as they were designed for and enabling future new products, that were previously not thought possible, to be designed.

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