Online & Offline business - The Future?

online and offline businesses

I recently read somewhere that the number of people who either access or create online content is still increasing on a daily basis and is steadily producing annual increases of between 5 to 6%. This also relates to online shopping and commerce in general and is in keeping with the corresponding demise of offline / high street sales that we all see. The high street is where the statistics speak for themselves, we do not need the pundits to tell us about this downward trend. 

This says a lot about marketing today, it's techniques and the way that things have changed. We need to engage with people where they are at right now - ON their Smartphones, ON their tablets, ON their laptops, ONline.

As the name may suggest, digital marketing refers to any form of marketing that may exist online, to promote online activities. But remember, offline ones as well.

Which brings us to the very important balance. Never assume that offline / bricks and mortar based products and services will die forever. It is simply not true and will never be so. We will always need to visit a Barbers / Hairdressers for a haircut or style. We will always visit a cafรฉ or a restaurant for a meal, if we do not wish to make it ourselves. We will always take our car to a garage to have it repaired or serviced, if we do not wish to do this ourselves. Order a Pizza, get your suit cleaned, or your shoes, buy a beer, get a manicure, go the zoo, or the gym, watch a live band - The list is endless and you get the point.

So, although digital Marketing is there for the online promotion of any business, product or service, let's also not forget, it will always be there to make people aware of offline activities, where they need to go, who they need to see and what they need to get for themselves and others.

online and offline

I therefore have some substantial relief and satisfaction to fully believe, that we will still do and will always engage with real people, as long as the human race continues.

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