Some statistics about Mobile e-Learning


Studies show that Mobile learning generally could exceed $80 billion USD Globally by 2027. (Source: Globe News Wire)

Valued e-learning Statistics are strongly showing that mobile learning remains one of the fastest-growing markets in the Digital learning sector, growing year on year, from just under 8 Billion USD In 2015, to over 22 Billion in 2020.

Much of this latter growth is thought to be due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity for remote learning and isolated activities in general. Further predictions expect to see the e-learning market at around 80 billion USD, by the time we reach 2027.

Corporate Online Learning / Training

The Corporate e-learning market set to increase by $38 billion by 2024. (Source: Business Wire)

Even as far back as 2017, over 75% of US corporations used some kind of digital based online learning.

Corporate e-learning is especially beneficial to businesses who have remote offices all round the globe. It is highly cost effective and encompasses any online training by an organisation for their employees, at the start and throughout their term of employment. This includes, but is not limited to Induction, Onboarding, Corporate awareness, sales & Marketing training, product training & workshops. 

In addition, Corporate e-learning is thought to be much quicker to deliver than traditional classroom type training, around 50% less, whilst still being effectively absorbed the employees.

e-Learning is cost effective

From a company perspective, as well as delivering highly effective training, Online learning also actively contributes to the well being of a companyโ€™s bottom line.

For example, IBM saved nearly $200 million after they switched over to remote online learning. (Source: SH!FT) It is thought that these kind of savings are attributed to reduced instructor costs and a huge drop in expenses related to travel, hotel accommodation, meals and hired equipment etc.

There is no reason to think that Mobile Digital E-Learning will decrease in any way, as the world faces a Pandemic in 2022 that still looks relentless after almost 2 years.

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