The Global Potential of Software within Artificial Intelligence

AI Software

Here is an overview from Omdia Tractica, of the potential for Worldwide Software revenue within the field of Artificial intelligence from 2018 to 2025

The US based marketing giant, predicts a huge global market growth for artificial intelligence software for the next 5 years. Sales were around 10 Billion USD in 2018 and are expected to increase to more than 12 times to around 126 billion USD by 2025.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI will of course eventually touch upon most of our lives, in areas such as, Manufacturing, Food, Medicine, Language processing, Autonomous Driving, Robotics, Machine learning and of course many areas of Online commerce and Digital marketing

As you would expect, all the big household names such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Baidu, Facebook and more recently, ONPASSIVE are all investing hugely in both developing their own AI technologies through research and development and also actively buying up smaller areas of expertise in aggressive acquisition programs.

Never before have so many start up companies been witnessed, securing Billions in investment funds, ensuring that the AI patent "market" is now booming.


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