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Digital Twins

What are Digital Twins?

A digital twin is a platform simulation tool, used in business and also on a much wider basis, in many applications.

A living digital representation is recreated of an actual existing physical system. This Digital Twin Platform is then dynamically updated with various ongoing data. This then mimics and emulates the true structure, state, and behaviour of the physical system.

The results of this model are then studied and used to predict and drive business outcomes of the physical system.

This concept originated a long time ago, but is now being pursued much further with the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence. The first practical application and study of a digital twin deployment is thought to have originated from NASA back in 2010, with a physical-model simulation of a spacecraft expedition.

Digital Twin developments will integrate digital technology such as, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and software analytics, enhancing the output results.

Projects can be huge and are now being deployed within many sectors, including, Manufacturing, Autonomy, Transportation, Healthcare, Energy Systems, Hotels and even Cities.

The development, deployment and adoption of digital twins may accelerate, de-risk innovation and could disrupt across many layers of global economy and society.

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