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What is the difference between Webmail and a Regular email client?

There are two main ways to access and work with your email.

Conventional email, known as Email client and there is Webmail

Conventional Email client systems, (sometimes known as Pop3 email), allows access to email from a single computer. With this system, your emails are downloaded onto your computer and you would normally access them via outlook express, Thunderbird or various other applications. You would need to set up your email address and enter the required settings of your Imap, Pop3 and SMTP. It is easier than it sounds and there is plenty of guidance on this.

Webmail however, means that your emails can be securely accessed, from any computer you like, with a regular Internet connection using a web browser. You just login with your username and password and away you go. The required IMAP settings etc., are all taken care of for you internally, by the webmail host

There are various webmail hosting companies out there including Hotmail/Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and others.

Some hosts will also offer, in addition to email processing, such things as Diary / calendar features, Contacts and Task management. The storage space for your emails and attachments may vary and your emails may have banners and adverts on them, depending on if your subscription is free or paid.

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