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What is an IP Tracker?

An IP tracker is a software application, that as the name suggests, can track various functions, based on an IP address.

To understand what an IP Tracker is, we first need to know what the IP address is and its function.

An IP address, also known as an Internet Protocol address, is just a series of numbers. For example a typical format is  The IP address number identifies any device on a network.

The number of devices on the network(s) is huge and growing rapidly every day and each device (that is on a public network), must have its own unique identifying number. Computers, Tablets, Smartphones and other devices all use these IP addresses to communicate with each other, over the internet and on other private networks.

IP tracker software then enables the user of the software to convert the chosen IP address into a host name. They can then identify various types of information, associated with that host name.

There are various version of tracking software and many features are available. The basic functions of all of these can capture location, contact telephone numbers, and certain other data.  Captured information from an IP Tracker is often used commercially, for online Sales and marketing functions.

Many commercial websites that we visit, may employ the use of a web site visitor tracker, that makes it possible to collect information like the general location of the visitor, or perhaps even the city or town where the visitor is located.

IP Tracking when done correctly and at a broad level, that does not personally identify individuals, can enhance our lives, detecting requirements, trends and improve the choice of products available to us.

Some countries now have certain privacy laws, for example the GDPR, to combat certain types of data tracking function, depending on the level of personal information being sought.

There are various IP Trackers available - Read more about IP Tracking software here

PS: If anyone wants to keep their IP address private - i.e. not be tracked, this can be done through the use of a virtual private network (VPN). This will mask your external IP address. It does this by issuing you with a new address, one that is not tied to your internet service provider (ISP). Please see more here: VPN Software explained

Also, due to the huge requirement, much due to the millions of new iOT enabled devices appearing every day, we need to move over to IPv6. See more about IPv4 and IPv6

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