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 Laser Communication

What is Laser Communication Technology?

ONPASSIVE will be adopting Laser Communication Technology within its product eco centre. This type of Connectivity is used in optical fiber communications to reliably send information over large distances.

Laser delivery differs from radio waves, as the data is sent over much tighter waveforms, using infrared light. This means that the land  stations can receive much more data. Laser communications offer reasonable speeds and more data can be transmitted in one session.

Laser communication offers the following advantages: Small transmission loss, long distance, high quality, high capacity, high security. It is mainly used for ground communication, global communication and interstellar communication.

Crucially from an ONPASSIVE standpoint of inclusivity, this type of Laser connectivity means that even the most remote location on the planet can be reached. This means that all aspects of ONPASSIVE can be delivered, including reliable access to O-Connect and O-Cademy.

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