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What is a Social Media Network?

I imagine most of us reading this will already use some kind of Social networking platform.

However, it is probably worthwhile to remind ourselves, just what Social networking is and what it sets out to achieve.

A Social Network is a dedicated online platform, that brings together like minded people, such as family, friends and work colleagues. It enables contact, interaction and collaboration using various forms of media, such as text, images and video.

Its members should be able to fully control their activity, content, privacy and feel in a safe environment.

A good social media channel should not set out to censor or control and shape us for it's own ends. It should adapt to our needs and facilitate what we have to say and do.

A social media platform should simply be there to reflect the people it serves, not to attempt to control the people and force them to comply to its will and regulations.

I state the above, because certain social media channels around today have gone well above their remit.

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