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What is SSO?

SSO is an abbreviation for Single sign-on.

This is a method of authentication, enabling users to log in to an application just once, using the same credentials and then access various, yet different related software systems or apps, that may exist on the same master platform or Domain Gateway.

True SSO, allows the program users to log in and then access the various services available, without having to go through any authentication factors more than once.

SSO has it’s vulnerabilities, like any other form of security to access sensitive data. However, these risks are minimized by implementing various additional functions, such as 2 step, or MFA, multi-factor authentication and session management, with time out functions etc.

There are various examples of Platforms with SSO including:

Google - If you log into, say, Gmail, you are then automatically authenticated to access YouTube, AdSense, Google Analytics, and various other Google apps.

Microsoft, Amazon and many others also have various similar features and SSO access

Also, a new company, with dozens of AI powered Digital Tools and Apps available with SSO - ONPASSIVE


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