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  Wearable Technology

What is Wearable technology?

This is a constantly developing field, that basically refers to any type of Smart technology that can be placed on or around the body, that digitally interacts with the wearer, or between the wearer and the outside world, or a virtual world.

The most popular devices, include the obvious things that we all know, such as Smartwatches and wristbands, such as for Fitness, Heart rate, blood pressure, miles walked etc. There are many other products being developed to address various other functions.

These include Smart rings, Smart glasses, Badges, Connected clothing, including Hats, Gloves, Socks and Shoes.

The Wearable Technology industry has more than trebled in the last 4 years, especially so with the onset of the many new products within iOT.

The future will see some exciting new developments, using augmented reality (AR) and a huge leap within the field of accessibility, helping people with disabilities, to improve mobility, vision and wellbeing.

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