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What is V2X communication technology?

V2X means Vehicle to Everything. This is as the name suggests, a technology that enables all types of primarily public road vehicles to communicate with other vehicles, with the infrastructure, and with other road users. Earlier versions and still used, are known as V2V - Vehicle to Vehicle and V2i - Vehicle to Infrastructure

Technology - V2X uses various other technologies to function, giving vehicles a clear picture and accurate positional awareness of other vehicles, people, buildings and any other objects on the road and in their field of operation.

5G - V2X uses 5G wireless technology for high speed communication with other vehicles, objects and the cloud.

IoT - Vehicles, Traffic signs, signals, pavements, kerbs and road surfaces, can all incorporate various IoT devices.

V2X diagram overview

The utilisation of V2X technology will be a key component for the future development of Autonomous / Driverless vehicles.

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