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  Extended Reality - XR

What is Extended Reality?

This is also known as XR. Extended Reality consists of a combined set of mixed related Technologies, that mixes the virtual and real worlds together, using virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

By combining all these technologies, XR is thought to have the greatest potential for huge practical benefits for the world at large, in the field of Healthcare, Wellness and Education.

As an example, using an XR environment, surgeons can train and master highly complex procedures and lifesaving techniques. Using lifelike environments they can conduct operations on a virtual body, whilst also using real hands on skills along with real and virtual tools and equipment. This platform also allows for collaboration between different surgeons

There are many other areas that XR can be employed, including:

  • Smart Cities - Large scale Risk free infrastructure Simulation
  • Manufacturing Industry - Design and Production studies
  • Real Estate- Remote Property Viewing
  • Education - Enhanced Learning
  • Automotive - Vehicle Development
  • E-Commerce - Virtual try-ons and try-outs

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