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  IoT Predictive Maintenance

IoT-based Predictive Maintenance

Virtually all machines within industrial and commercial environments, that produce anything we can think of, along with all Vehicles, Trains, Boats and Planes require regular maintenance and adjustment, to keep them in optimal, functional condition.

Traditional servicing is normally undertaken at set intervals and certain jobs are routinely done and parts replaced. This kind of servicing has held its place for many years and has proven essential for efficient, reliable functionality.

But various emerging technologies are now being deployed, to give a more efficient and accurate solution, reducing down time and cost.

IoT technology and well placed Sensors, can now be used alongside various other technologies, such as Big data, Cloud services, 5G and Edge computing, to keep an eye on mechanisms and systems, flagging as and when any corrective action is required.

These systems all work together, to provide data collection, analytics, enabling prediction of the likelihood of malfunction. 

Predictive maintenance IoT systems: .

  • Can determine component failures, long before they happen.
  • Measure the remaining usable life and potential repairs needed.
  • Monitor performance, temperature, speed, efficiency, cost.
  • Have the ability to improve safety.

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